Composition Portfolio

Choral / Vocal Secular / Ensemble / Musical Theatre / TV & Film


*Can It Be True? (BBC Singers, 2014) Shortlisted for the BBC Radio 3 Carol Competition

The Everlasting Voices (2015)

I Heard The Bells (2016) Performance in aid of British Red Cross

Crossing The Bar (2017)

Invitation to Love (2017)

Vocal Secular

Winter (Manchester, 2012) 


*The Rain Falls Down In Africa (Manchester, 2013) Performance in aid of the RAID Charity


Why Did I Laugh? (Manchester, 2012)


Solo Baritone, Double Bass, Bassoon and Trombone

Musicolepsia (Manchester, 2012)

Solo Alto, Bassoon, Fr Horn, Marimba, Percussion and String Quintet

*Rise of Dystopia (Manchester, 2013)

Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn in F, Tam-tam, 2 Violins, 2 Cellos and Double Bass

*From Dawn Till Dusk (2017)

String Quartet

Unto The Mountains (2018)

Solo Violin, Piano and String Quintet

*Crossing The Bar (revised 2018)

SATB Choir, Piano and String Orchestra


*A Midsummer Nights Dream (2018)

Morley Theatre Company

Musical Theatre

The Belles of St. Darcyan's (2014)


Bad Girls

St. Darcyan's School Anthem

Shirley Holmes and the Sound of the Basket Wheels (2015)

The Kids on the Street

The Ageing Process (2017-)

When I'm Older

Take Me Away

Not The Man I Knew

TV & Film

'Manchester University Dentistry' Student Tour Promo Video (2013)

*Yes, But That's Not All! (2015)

Examples of works marked with asterix (*) can be found under 'Audio & Recordings'.